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My blog is made up of bits and bobs and things that are random and me. Food, fandoms, words and kink.. that might be the simplest way to describe it.

There are going to be posts that are NSFW. If you are not 18, go away. You have no place being here. Feel free to come back after that point though ^^.

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No Dean. Just NO. You are not allowed to make me cry. you are not allowed to go teaching Sam about cars. Just no. You are not allowed to die damnit! T.T

I don’t like Gordon….. 

Watching Supernatural, finally catching up (after having to stop after the end of the first season, oops.) and I’m watching 3x6. aka Red Sky At Morning. Castiel is one of the names Sam calls upon in Latin(ish?) incantation 35:17 or so. 



It this pose could be done without the hair binding, I’m all in. 

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I’m not sure where it comes from, I’m not sure how to turn it on or off, but I do know it’s invigorating. There are certain things in life to which you have no control, although you can kid yourself into believing you have the situation well in hand, the truth is like the oceans tides some things are untamable. Once our bodies are interwined and and I feel your hot sweaty skin against me, my mind body and soul become consumed. In all honesty any pre conceived thought patterns I may have had up until now are simultaneously wiped as I feel you surround me. Once I am inside of you I am now running on instincts, adrenaline, passion and desire. The overwhelming pleasure as my cock pushes deep inside you flicks a switch in my brain and suddenly I feel an overpowering urge to dominate you. I want you to feel me, to mark you, to let you know who is in control. I need to pull you hair, to grip your skin, to kiss you with passion, and to fuck you with intent. I want to control you, to own you, to let you know you are mine. There will be time for cuddling and pillow talk but its not now You are mine, pinned beneath me and as I forcefully thrust myself into you I want to hear you groan. I want to fuck you until your body trembles and as your orgasm grips your body I want you to feel my cock pulsating as I cum deep inside you. I want you to feel me drip down your thighs just another reminder of who you belong to.

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Mercury Aqua Mirage

My first thought on seeing the second panel “Oh look, someone made a sailor moon/pokemon crossover. ##><## 

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